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Cheyenne Sol Nova wireless

Cheyenne Sol Nova wireless

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Choose from four versions adapted to your needs and the desired power.

Choice of 4 needle strokes

2.5mm - Beauty: Ideal for delicate shading and meticulous work on sensitive parts of the body.
3.5mm - The Generalist: Offers the perfect balance between lining and shading, making it the all-rounder of this series.
4.0mm - The Specialist: Guarantees the ideal balance between lining and color filling.
5.0mm - The Beast: Designed for those seeking maximum efficiency, taking tracing to the next level.
Each Sol Nova Unlimited is equipped with a comfortable 33.0 mm SOL Nova Grip handle and can also be used with suitable disposable handles. Technical details include adjustable stroke, variable needle depth, quiet BLDC motor, and manufacturing according to the ISO 13485 medical standard in Germany.

Enjoy advanced features such as cordless operation with a rechargeable battery offering a minimum of five hours of operation, two operating modes for increased customization, and one-button operation with motion control for intuitive frequency adjustment. Plus, get a 12-month warranty for complete peace of mind.

Opt for the cordless Cheyenne Sol Nova and revolutionize your tattooing experience with this exceptional machine.