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Cheyenne PU III limited edition

Cheyenne PU III limited edition

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The Cheyenne Power Unit III is a revolutionary power supply designed for an intuitive, contactless experience, setting new standards in hygiene and functionality. Developed by Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment , the PU III is the result of a tireless commitment to making the tattooing process more convenient and efficient, without compromising on quality and safety.

The PU III works with gesture control, eliminating the need for direct contact and concerns of cross-contamination. This innovative approach simplifies the tattoo workflow and takes hygiene to the next level. Equipped with powerful magnets and a plug-in mount, the PU III offers versatile mounting options to fit your setup.

Built-in sensors ensure the screen is correctly aligned in any situation, providing a smooth user experience. The PU III offers an output voltage range of 4.7 to 12.5 V, displayed as a convenient bar graph. Plus, with 2 USB outputs, you can charge additional devices while powering your PU III.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the PU III is a testament to precision and quality. However, this revolutionary power unit is strictly limited to 1,111 examples worldwide, like the exclusive concept cars. If you aspire to own this cutting-edge PU III with gesture control, act quickly, because it is only available in concept edition.

Key Features:

  • Gesture control for touchless operation
  • Output voltage range of 4.7 to 12.5 V, displayed as a bar graph
  • Versatile installation options with powerful magnets and integrated plug-in mount
  • Position sensors ensure correct screen orientation in any configuration
  • 2 USB outputs for charging additional devices
  • Limited to 1111 copies worldwide
  • Made in Germany

Join the exclusive owners of the PU III and revolutionize your tattooing experience. Act quickly to secure your limited edition PU III - a fusion of cutting-edge technology and German know-how.