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Lucifer Tattoo Supply

Premium Starter Set

Premium Starter Set

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Discover our high-end set, designed especially for passionate beginners. This complete set provides everything needed to start your artistic journey on synthetic skin with confidence and precision.

Premium Set Features:

  • Machine Pen with Changeable Stroke: The Machine Pen offers exceptional versatility with the ability to adjust the stroke, allowing you to explore various tattoo styles.
  • Power Supply: A reliable power supply for constant power, ensuring optimal performance of your machine.
  • Foot Pedal: Control your tattoo process with ease with the included foot pedal, providing convenient and efficient handling.
  • Cheyenne 7 Liner and 7 Shader Needles: Enjoy the exceptional quality of Cheyenne needles, renowned for their precision and performance.
  • Needle Container: Keep your workspace organized and safe with a used needle container.
  • Shadink Black Ink: Use premium Shadink brand black ink for long-lasting, rich results.
  • Ink Cup: Make sure you have plenty of ink on hand with the included cup to make the tattooing process easier.
  • Biodegradable Table Cover: Maintain the hygiene of your work environment with our biodegradable table cover.
  • Synthetic Skin: Practice your tattoo skills on 6'' x 6'' (15cm x 15cm) and 3mm thick synthetic skin.
  • Protective bag: To keep your machine and cable clean.

This premium set offers the perfect introduction to the world of tattooing, combining quality equipment with renowned brands. Whether you're a beginner or a budding artist, this set will allow you to start your artistic journey with confidence.

Machine Features:
- Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies.
- Made with high quality aluminum frame parts, polished and anodized.
- “CRONUS” logo and serial number laser engraved.
- Grip diameter 27 mm (1") offering optimal comfort.
- Sterilizable in an autoclave or treatable with cold sterilization products.
- Possibility of rotating the grip to remove the machine or adjust the depth of the needle.
- Delivered with 2 different needle stroke wheels for optimal customization.

  • The WHITE Wheel is a 3.1mm stroke perfect for light colors or gradients and small liners from 3 to 9.
  • The BLACK wheel is a 3.7mm stroke for solid color or black fill and for liners larger than 9.

- Powerful 8.5 W German Faulhaber motor with double ball bearing.
- Replaceable stainless steel spring for easy and quick maintenance.
- High quality RCA connection.
- Optimal performance at 10-12 Volts.
- Factory pre-lubricated, requires no additional lubrication.

The Lithuanian Irons Cronus Pen Red offers an exceptional tattooing experience, with a robust design, high precision, and unparalleled versatility. Add this professional-quality tool to your tattoo equipment collection for impeccable results every session.