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Lithuanian Irons Cronus Pen

Lithuanian Irons Cronus Pen

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Discover the Lithuanian Irons Cronus Pen Red, a high quality tattoo machine with exceptional performance. Designed to meet the needs of all artists, this machine offers remarkable versatility, whether for lining, dotwork, color filling, shading, or even black and gray realism.

Key Features:
- Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies.
- Made with high quality aluminum frame parts, polished and anodized.
- “CRONUS” logo and serial number laser engraved.
- Grip diameter 27 mm (1") offering optimal comfort.
- Sterilizable in an autoclave or treatable with cold sterilization products.
- Possibility of rotating the grip to remove the machine or adjust the depth of the needle.
- Comes with 2 different needle stroke wheels for optimal customization.

  • WHITE wheel has 3,1mm needle stroke: great choice for softer color blending or shading. Also works perfectly with smaller Lining needle groupings such as 3-9 liner groupings
  • BLACK wheel has 3,7mm needle stroke: great choice for faster solid color packing and bigger lining needle groupings

- Powerful 8.5 W German Faulhaber motor with double ball bearing.
- Replaceable stainless steel spring for easy and quick maintenance.
- High quality RCA connection.
- Optimal performance at 10-12 Volts.
- Factory pre-lubricated, requires no additional lubrication.

The Lithuanian Irons Cronus Pen Red offers an exceptional tattooing experience, with a robust design, high precision, and unmatched versatility. Add this professional-quality tool to your tattoo equipment collection for impeccable results every session.