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Purtect 120ml Ointment

Purtect 120ml Ointment

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PurTect Skin Care is designed for use on a new tattoo to reduce irritation, swelling and keep redness down, while also cleaning and soothing. It provides a protective and breathable film barrier without clogging pores, and allows the skin to breathe as it heals.
Ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf extract, chloroxylenol (pcmx), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, paraffin,
paraffinum liquidum, propylene glycol, retinyl palmitate, squalane, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e)

For Use During the Tattoo
1. Wash hands and put on clean gloves.
2. Dispense approximately a quarter sized amount of PurTect.
3. Tattoo as usual using about half the amount you would use with traditional petroleum based products.
Note: PurTect is the first and only product designed specifically as a Lubricant used during the Tattoo Application.
4. At the end of the tattoo procedure clean area fully with sterile water.
5. Apply a thin coat of PurTect to the tattoo.
6. Apply a bandage to the tattoo, as per your local and Federal Laws.

For Use as Aftercare:
1. Wash your hands and rinse thoroughly.
2. Gently wash tattooed area with a mild fragrance free soap such as PurSan®.
3. Rinse completely under running water.
4. Pat dry with a clean towel.
5. Apply a very small amount of PurTect onto your fingertips.
6. Gently rub PurTect into your tattoo.
7. Using a clean towel, gently blot any excess off.
8. Wash hands.
9. Repeat according to your Tattoo Artist’s instructions for Aftercare.